About the Book

About The Dad Checklist

The Dad Checklist gives fathers (and mothers) a quick and fun reference of practical skills and information to pass along to their children.

the dad checklist front coverDads have to remember a lot of things, like how to find the North Star, which cable goes where to jumpstart a car, how to remove splinters, the best way to teach a child to throw a baseball, and what to feed the children when Mom goes out.  Dads need to know how to teach children to tie a square knot, skip a rock, cook chili, do basic home repairs, and make paper airplanes.  Dads should be able to answer questions like why is the sky blue and grass green, what is the speed of light, who was the all-time best second baseman in baseball, and does a full house beat a flush.

Not to worry.  You will learn all those things and be able to pass them along.  The Dad Checklist is the Swiss army knife of parenting, with information about

Outdoors | Sports | Tools, Repairs & Woodworking | Cars & Boats | Grilling & Home Cooking | Science & Technology | Culture | Family | Fun

The Dad Checklist - back cover

There are Notes, Tips, and Quotes and space for your own Checklists of Adventures, Favorites, Memories, and More!

You’ll also learn how to paddle a canoe the right way, name the best football players by position, pack the right equipment for a camping trip, and patch drywall. You’ll learn a few great poems and songs to share with younger kids and be able to list the Seven Wonders of the World for older children.  You’ll even find a few suggestions on spending time with your children – time where you can add some tools to the knife and hone the blades you already have.